One platform for your due diligence team

Features for quick, clear, collaborative transactions

The agile advantage

Deal timescales are accelerating; transactions are increasingly competitive. In this context, LiveDiligence gives you decisive commercial advantage.

LiveDiligence helps us get to the risks that matter more quickly
Noémie Sadi, Project Finance Associate, Neoen

Accelerated information flow

LiveDiligence lets advisors share insights with clients sooner, so issues are addressed earlier

Closer alignment between advisors and clients

Advisors and clients align earlier on due diligence scope - removing last minute surprises

Real time decision making

With data at your fingertips, investors and lenders make faster go/no-go decisions

Q&A that does the busy work for you

You told us how much time you waste tracking down Q&As
submitted across fragmented systems — so we built something better.

Questions automatically mapped to your transaction structure

1-click question submission right where you work

Automatic status tracking

Transaction-wide Q&A view with search and filtering

Export to excel for audit trail or working with external systems

Banking grade security

Our highest priority is keeping your data safe and secure at all times.

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Data encryption

All data is encrypted at rest with 256-bit AES encryption, data in transit is encrypted using the TLS 1.2 protocol with SHA-256.

Multiple geo-redundant backups

We store multiple data copies across multiple geo-redundant data centers, so that operations continue even in the event of hardware failures, power outages, or natural disasters.

Active threat monitoring and security testing

We continuously monitor and scan our systems for irregularities, malicious software, and suspicious files, so that we can intervene as soon as any issues are detected.

Data access logs

As well has enforcing highly restricted data access policies, we maintain continuous data access logs to enable forensic investigation in the event of a compromise.

Physical security

Our cloud infrastructure is protected by industry leading, multi-layer physical security measures  including  two-factor biometric authentication.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication comes as standard and is enforced for all users.


Customise to suit your needs

Handle any kind of work, from preliminary red-flag reviews to highly detailed risk audits


Eliminate time-wasting tasks

No more hunting down missing information, report formatting headaches or chasing colleagues for input


Export data to other systems

Working with a third-part Q&A system?  Cut out the admin by exporting data from LiveDiligence

Control who sees what,
and when

Custom roles and 1-click permission settings make it easy to control and update access to your transaction as it evolves.

Ready for a radically better due diligence?

LiveDiligence has already been used on over 200 transactions — we’d love you to join our growing community.

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