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I wish all our advisors used the LiveDiligence platform!

Benjamin Kennedy, Director of M&A & Development,  Ørsted

LiveDiligence helps us get to the risks that matter more quickly, which is very helpful when working on different projects. The ability to see real-time updates in mark-up and use Q&A functionalities in the body of the report is great to gain in efficiency.

Noémie Sadi, Project Finance Associate, Neoen

We found the live updates enabled by LiveDiligence to be invaluable – ensuring that we always had the latest risk status to hand.

Jeremy Cross, Chief Commercial Officer, GRIDSERVE

LiveDiligence is highly valuable in facilitating a collaborative reporting process, as well as compressing the transaction timeline - including enabling a head start on our IC paper.

Max Gilbert, Gravis Capital Management

The live updates allowed the team to view the latest position on every aspect of the due diligence report providing clarity for all correspondents, making the process easier to manage, reducing calls and email traffic. and ultimately reducing stress on all sides

Peter O'Hagan, Project Director, Oweninny Power

Using LiveDiligence is making a positive impact on how we work with our advisors during a transaction. Speed and clarity are top priorities for us and the platform has proved itself able to deliver gains on both fronts.

Alan Harling, Director, NORD L/B

Increasingly transactions require multi-disciplinary input into a diligence exercise. When that’s combined across multiple projects, having LiveDiligence’s real-time updates and access dramatically improves reporting efficiency

Gareth Owen, Investment Director, Gresham House

LiveDiligence was excellent, especially the live updates. It is so easy to navigate and a big help with our IC papers. Legal and technical DD in one platform feels game changing."

Baiju Devani, UK Investment Director, Bluefield Partners LLP


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