Legal advisors

Save time, harness knowledge, delight clients

Accelerate your risk review

Get key insights in front of your clients sooner - and strip out the pre-closing stress

Automatic audit trail on every risk

Use automatic risk filtering and smart dashboards for superior reporting: clients will love it

Complete control on access

Relax, knowing that you decide what your client sees, when. Access to external contributors is limited; your sensitive data is safe

Automatic audit trail on every risk

We understand the importance of robust audit trails in delivering efficient, compliant services. That's why LiveDiligence lets you trace the history of every individual risk.

Using LiveDiligence is making a positive impact on how we work with our advisors during a transaction. Speed and clarity are top priorities for us and the platform has proved itself able to deliver gains on both fronts.

Alan Harling, Director, NORD L/B

Deliver consistent quality every time

Advanced approval and publishing tools help you manage quality effortlessly on every deliverable.

Beautifully crafted reports in a click

Export your review to pdf any time, without all of the frustrating formatting headaches.

Ready for radically better due diligence?

LiveDiligence has already been used on over 400 transactions — we’d love you to join our growing community.

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